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“I used to have one phone number, one bank account, and no passwords,” my 73-year-old mother says wistfully.

commences with even hun- dred numbers correspon ding with the num'ric'l name of street- crossing.

But then I’ll go to transfer a load of laundry into the dryer and discover that it’s already dry; seems I forgot to ever turn on the washer. Could it be that sitcom dialogue and song lyrics are taking up so much brain space there’s none left for remembering when my next dentist appointment is or whether I’ve mailed the mortgage payment this month?

There’s certainly a lot more information to commit to memory these days.

Consolidate all your electronics into one simple menu — on your remote or smart device.

Then, enjoy access from your across the room or across the globe. If the smart home seems too complex or expensive, you should know that URC changes all of that.