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The baby will be taken care of by Lorena's sister Mayra, probably in Mexico. Sometimes being a mom is exhausting, but we are truly privileged, those of us who can watch our kids grow up.

So she would always remember her, Lorena Rojas recorded a song for her daughter Luciana.

Her name is Luciana Rojas and today, she's the little girl who has received the biggest act of generosity from late actress Lorena Rojas, the Mexican star who devoted her last years to teaching us to live fully, love animals, not to fear cancer--the cancer that took her life at just 44 years old. I have to assume that her health condition, too, must have made the process particularly taxing. Luciana gave her strength to fight after cancer reared its ugly head a second time.

Little Luciana is an orphan today, but I feel like Lorena Rojas gave her so much love, that it's going to last her a lifetime. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2008, she thought she wouldn't be able to ever be a mom, but inspired by her sister Mayra Rojas, who has biological and adopted kids, she decided to try for adoption. What's more amazing is that Lorena always said her desire to be a mom was what gave her the opportunity to live longer.

He was drinking a lot and was not attentive to his business anymore."This depression became worst when Monje lost custody of the daughter that he and Lorena adopted.

"He told me he saw the girl in August but it was not the way he wanted as he was heavily supervised," Angulo added.

The 44-year-old died this week, after suffering from metastic cancer.Rojas shared a message confirming the news to her followers on her personal Twitter account @lorenarojas People highlights an interview with the actress in which she speaks of the possibility of adopting saying "Whatever comes first. The mother agreed with me, she's happy, I still have to meet with her" Rojas said in September.I'm trying to think about it as if I really were pregnant, and whatever it is (boy or girl) will be perfect for me". Previously, the 44-year-old actress had been diagnosed with breast cancer when she was trying to get pregnant, and doctors told her to freeze her ovules to achieve a pregnancy after finishing her chemotherapy.The Mexico City-born actress began her career in the 1990s with "Alzcanzar una Estrella." She later had roles in "Azul Tequila," ''El Cuerpo del Deseo," and "Pecados Ajenos." Her most recent project was the series "Demente Criminal." FILE - In this May 17, 2006 file photo, Mexican actress Lorena Rojas, named one of People en Espanol magazine's "50 Most Beautiful," arrives to a party celebrating the issue, in New York. 16, 2015, in Miami, after years of battling cancer.She starred in the soap operas "Azul tequila" y "Alcanzar una estrella." She was 44.(AP Photo/Diane Bondareff, File) Her roles extended beyond soap operas to films such as "Corazones Rotos," ''Papa Soltero," ''Mas que Alcanzar una Estrella" and "El Triste Juego del Amor." In the theater, she acted in "Manos Quietas" and the musical "Aventurera." FILE - In this May 12, 2008 file photo, Lorena Rojas arrives at the NBC Universal Experience at Rockefeller Center. 16, 2015, in Miami, after years of battling cancer.After two years of procedures to be enabled to adopt, actress Lorena Rojas became the mother of a small girl named Luciana, according to information published by People en Español, and has already shared her first picture.Fabiola also mentioned a bit of information that maybe key to how Jorge Monje passed away.She said that Monje insisted on keeping a box of medicines as it was the only thing he had from Lorena.Angulo said she tried to get rid of the box as she was afraid he would use those medicines to kill himself.She concluded, "I hope that Jorge didn't do what he promised me he would do and that the cause of his death is from something else."Armando Tinoco is an Orange County-based writer with a degree in Marketing from Cal.