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"They didn't have contact for a while but Jack got in touch and opened up the lines of communication again, which I think is lovely." The 39-year-old went on to explain that Jack, who recently became associate director of theatre production The Full Monty, invited his former step kids to see the show.She said: “David and Emilie went to see the production when it was in Manchester and they went for dinner with Jack.In 2009, during her relationship with Jamie, Kym prematurely gave birth to another son called Archie, although he tragically died moments after being born.Kym with her ex-husband Jamie Lomas Kym and Jamie split in October 2013 and Kym cited Jamie's 'unreasonable behaviour' when filing for divorce. he didn't make her happy': Oliver Mellor on 'affair' with Kym Marsh In 2012, 33-year-old Jamie was photographed in bed with a woman who claimed to have had an affair with him, causing the couple to briefly split before reconciling their differences.‘It’s odd because you would question “why have we not met for ten years?The actress said her identity was used to lure a man into believing they were dating via the internet, and she also revealed her eldest daughter has also been used as bait.Kym explained that the man in question had been talking with the woman he believed to be her via social media and texts.’ ‘It was really creepy,’ she recalled.‘To have flowers delivered to work was one thing, but to have them at your home [is another].

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He was posthumously inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1982, becoming only the second rock drummer to be chosen, and in 2011, Moon was voted the second-greatest drummer in history by a Rolling Stone readers' poll.It’s good to hear that Jack Ryder has honoured his role as a stepfather despite his split from Kym, isn’t it?'s Kym Marsh is speaking out for the very first time about being the victim of a catfishing scam that lasted a decade.People can convincingly lie about their identity on the internet, and string others along for long periods of time.Catfish: The TV Show looks at how someone can become attached to a person emotionally, despite having never met them anywhere in real life.‘[Then] One day I came home to a bunch of flowers on my doorstep with a card saying “Sorry you couldn’t make the date, hope you’re better soon”, and kisses.’ Having admitted her boyfriend was a bit bemused by it all, Kym went on: ‘We tried to work out who it was and we went to the florist and they said “I can’t give you that information, it’s client confidentiality, you’ll have to get the police involved if you want the information”.A ‘catfish’ is someone who maintains fake social profiles online, using a false name, photos, and information to create a false persona.– 7 September 1978) was an English drummer who played with the English rock band the Who.He was noted for his unique style and his eccentric, often self-destructive behaviour.Of her 19-year-old daughter Emilie, she said: “Since she’s been about 14 or 15 there have been various fake sites made of her on different social media networks, and she’s really fed up with it.” Despite constantly reporting the fake profiles and having them removed, Kym said they keep on popping up and that one in particular caused singer Emilie a great deal of “distress”.“There was one that went on a dating website more recently, claiming she was bisexual and that she wanted to meet girls,” the soap star said.