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Using the Fixed due dates module will make your life much easier as it also detects suspended accounts!

Now, if the payment is a few days late, user gets his service reactivated with a new date and the invoice with corrected dates.

The problem is usually a misconfiguration or human error, this page explains the symptoms, causes and resolutions to the most common invoicing problems.

First please ensure the Overdue Notices option in unticked on the client's Profile tab, ticking the option will prevent overdue notices being sent to the client.

As presented on the screen below, the first one is dedicated to PHP 7, while the second one is aimed at PHP 5.4 up to PHP 5.6. Note: You can check current PHP version in your WHMCS. Afterwards find 'Advanced Billing' and press 'Activate' button.

If some user makes an order od December 1st and pays the invoice on December 5th, why should he have 4 days stripped away from him, or why should you have to manually correct the dates on the service details page and on the invoice?

If you find that some or none of the above are occurring then this could indicate the cron job is not running successfully.

Begin by reviewing Utilities Display Errors option, then run the cron manually by visiting the file in your browser. We have collected some of the most most common errors and their causes, refer to the appropriate page in the following sections: There are a couple of reasons for invoices not generating, the most obvious are that there's a cancellation request for the service or it's in cancelled, terminated, fraud or expired status.

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses.

Helping organize nearly every aspect of your business, from initial customer signup & ordering, recurring billing/invoicing, to support via the built in help desk, WHMCS is a secure, extendable and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.