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Unaffordable housing markets, stagnant wages, austerity and widespread job precarity represent class violence that metes itself out along gendered and racialized lines even as racism and gender oppression are treated as though they were dead in many of the discourses of the western powers. Staging the process makes everybody’s uniqueness look commensurable.“Dating,” as it is currently known and practised, casts ordinary people as perfectible investment opportunities in competition with each other across myriad platforms (OKCupid; Tinder; Grindr; Match; Ashley Madison; Plenty of Fish, etc).Even as subsidies for proletarian social reproduction are everywhere slashed, against all odds, proletarians (gay or straight) are still supposed to couple, wed and procreate. And the jovial TV restaurateur’s supposed amatory expertise promises every diner a special competitive advantage.Most people currently , in large part, the joy of flourishing in communion with their love-mates.Yet there is a dimension of burdensome labor to the process of tracking down those ‘other halves’ – as they are still called – just as there is work in the process of making a life with them, not least creating the home within which love can be tended.

One woman showed up for a blind date, but when she caught sight of the guy carrying a few more pounds than promised, she bailed before he saw her. And, frankly, I've seen some dating behavior from my friends that makes me think we might be earning more than half the blame. It's easy to point your finger in the male direction for the general demise of dating, but that overlooks a solid half of the equation: women.What one can think of, then, as the of finding and cultivating sweethearts is today more private and individualized than ever. is theorizing “Love” as the only and ultimate need.At the same time, a certain forced collectivization of living has lately been imposed on more and more of us. The show produces the submission of individuals to these oppressively high stakes, at least as much as it responds to it. She showed up 20 minutes late, with an entourage of girlfriends in tow. A friend arranged to meet an online date who drove an hour and a half to take her to dinner.What would the most thrilling and intimate moments in our collective social reproduction feel like in the cities of our dreams?It is far harder to answer this than to identify the lack in what we’ve currently got.Last month, Gosling, a proud feminist, shared his early observations gleaned from raising two daughters.“I think women are better than men,” Gosling said. The couple also managed to keep the impending arrival of their second daughter under wraps almost until she was born.Once again, the news broke when TMZ discovered Amada Lee Gosling’s birth certificate.