Var lib ntp drift not updating updating pirated xp

It doesn't have anything to do with ntpd and shouldn't be used to troubleshoot it. After you use ntpdate to set the clock, use 'hwclock --systohc' to sync "running" time to your hardware clock.

The reason that ntpq was suggested with the -p options to show peering. It is supposed to sync on a reboot but if your machine crashes (or otherwise had a problem doing a proper shutdown) it could not sync it.

As NTPD is run as root, it does have access to the drift file, regardless of the ownership on the drift file.

A fluctuation of just 0.001% (0.00001, or 10 PPM) means losing or gaining about 1 second per day.

The description says to uncomment this line to log statistics.

NTP has finer grained control than that, so we look at errors of margin using 0.0001% (0.000001, or 1 PPM).

Thus: According to the web site topic/comp.ntp/co Dks98gw0U the value is a calculationn made per poll and needs to be divided by 4096 to get the actual drift value in milliseconds Thanks so much for the link.

I have a machine that experienced some troubles with some of the real time stuff that I'm running.

One lead that I have is that NTP daemon may have moved the time, causing false timeouts.