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The Planned Parenthood Federation of America states as one of its core beliefs: "Every child deserves to be wanted, loved, and cared for." Planned Parenthood cultivates the image of an organization that has a "committed, professional staff...caring physicians...tak[ing] time to talk with clients, encouraging them to ask questions and discuss their feelings in a confidential setting.

They "...offer innovative programs on making responsible choices about health and sexuality." Planned Parenthood sounds like every parent’s dream!

Senior is dé website voor iedereen die op zoek is naar seks met ervaren mensen en seks met oudere mannen en vrouwen.

In the same period that this quarter of a million abortions were performed, only 1,414 adoption referrals were made - less than 6 for every 1,000 abortions. As a not-for-profit corporation, income for the national office and affiliates totaled 0 million dollars for the year ending June 30, 2004.

Over one in four pregnancy tests given ended in abortion. One third of this amount came from you, the taxpayer.

We’ve been writing quite a lot about Viking studies this week, and the main takeaway seems to be that the idea of huge brutes who just raped, pillage, drank and sailed is really not accurate.

Although they did many raids and conquests Viking society mostly depended on agriculture and trade.