Thermoluminescent dating and the monsters of acambaro

Some young-Earth creationists have adduced the existence of figurines as credible evidence for the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, in an attempt to cast doubt on scientific dating methods and potentially offer support for a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative.

The Acámbaro figures were uncovered by a German immigrant and hardware merchant named Waldemar Julsrud.

Di Peso examined the figures and determined that they were not authentic, and had instead been produced by local modern-day farmers.

He concluded that the figurines were indeed fakes: their surfaces displayed no signs of age; no dirt was packed into their crevices; and though some figurines were broken, no pieces were missing and no broken surfaces were worn.

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Eventually, the farmer and his assistants brought him over 32,000 figures which included representations of everything from the supposed dinosaurs to peoples from all over the world including Egyptians, Sumerians, and "bearded Caucasians". Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable. Suddenly he spotted some partially exposed hewn stones and a ceramic object half buried in the dirt.You can comment below or email us at @[email protected]: Sharon's New Podcast: 15 Credibility Street Alfred Watkins The Old Straight Track Ordnance Survey Creating Prehistory: Druids, Le ...…Today we talk about the supposed pre-contact images of New World maize in places like Rosslyn Chapel and ancient temples around the world.What do these images actually look like, is it really depictions of New World corn, and if it's not corn, what is it?Of course, dinosaur representations in ancient art were unheard of because humans did not coexist with these prehistoric creatures.The creator of Perry Mason, who was considered to be the best-selling American author at the time of his death, was asked to examine the collection by a friend, the Harvard-educated anthropologist Charles Hapgood, who was one of the many voices chiming in on this controversy at the time.Gardner, the writer who came up with great titles like and who created such memorable characters as Perry Mason, Della Street and Lester Leith had a real life mystery in front of him.The figurines were fantastic and seemingly out of place.Today we examine the evidence for the co-existence of Dinosaurs and humans. Could they be evidence of man and dino's living together?We specifically focus on the Ica stones and Acámbaro figures. Or could they be modern fakes used to bilk the gullible.