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This camera points towards the northern sky to show the clouds directly over the village of Horsted Keynes.This is probably the most comprehensive weather webcam site on the internet. I have no adverts on the site other than the ones that the owners of the webcams have on their sites.It is important to know that just because the victim ‘didn’t say no’ does not mean that they meant ‘yes’ or that they consented.Welcome to All About Sussex, a site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Sussex.There is no charge for putting a link to your webcam on this page.It has taken me over 8 years to get the site where it is now.We offer you a glimpse into your child’s day with FREE use of our webcams.From work or home you can see into your child’s day giving you conversation and project ideas for at home.

With plenty of history and pictures thrown in for good measure, you can plan every detail of your trip on-line.Newhaven NCI Lookout is built on the cliff top on Castle Hill over 250 feet above sea level.It provides a panoramic view of Seaford Bay from Newhaven Harbour entrance to Seaford Head eastwards and to the ocean off Brighton westwards as well as to seaward into the shipping lanes of the English Channel.Whatever your reason for visiting Sussex, we are sure that you will have a fantastic time! If you are here it is probably because you are using an old browser or have Jave turned off. As seen on TV* and BBCi our LIVE webcams from near the Prime Greenwich Meridian in Sussex.On a clear day, a total exceeding 400 square miles can be observed.There is very good coverage for VHF radio reception.But I think you will find this new system a bit simpler to follow. It has taken me 3 days, and my eyes are rolling around the inside of my head.It has taken around 20 hours so I hope you like it.Pictures update automatically every couple of minutes.Click picture to go to its dedicated page with more information.