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I don't know whether the irons are any better or worse than other manufacturers of the day.

I like saving the original iron for resale purposes, so I make my own - usually .189 (3/16 inches) is a great thickness for my planes, but you would want to make a wooden blade as a template and check to see what would fit before you ordered the steel.

" That way, whenever I need to find out something for myself, quickly and easily, all I had to do was come here and look it up.

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As the basis for our guide to Mathieson Planes we have used an original Mathieson Catalogue (click for illustration of cover). edition, an impressive hard bound volume, with some 160 double pages.

There is no date explicitly indicated, however reference is made on the title page to a Gold Medal, received in the 1886 Edinburgh Exhibition. In order that the text can be read, and also in order to minimise download times, we have provided separate illustrations for each plane type, or group of types.

Mathieson also received a Gold Medal in the Melbourne Exhibition of 1880, and Prize Medal at the London Exhibitions of 18. Mathieson's note that 'the engravings, though generally representative, are not to be held as binding as to details'.

It is fortunate that Mathieson considered it useful to illustrate how their wrought steel planes were dovetailed together (click for illustration of the construction of a rabate plane).