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Days of wild speculation as to what “awesome” really is can finally be laid to rest.

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Minutes ago, Mark Zuckerberg and Skype CEO Tony Bates took to Facebook Live to announce the rollout of the "something awesome" Zuckerberg teased last week, several new features, the timing of which was widely rumored to be a response to sexy, mysterious, invite-only Google . Only a suite of Skype-integrated features that promise to make creepy pervert stalkers even more creepy and perv-y than they are now.

They also get asked to work on the soundtrack of the new avengers movie. ” “It’s like watching a You Tube video that talks back…

And that can see me.” “Would you prefer me to just talk at you and pretend I can’t?

Today Mark Zuckerberg, coated in a hurried layer of sweat (and excitement!

), announced from the company’s Palo Alto headquarters that Facebook would be implementing a newly designed chat interface that allows for group chatting, and partnering with Skype to provide a new video calling service.