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That black man is Paul Poitier, who has just arrived in the city, was just mugged outside their building and is sporting a minor knife wound to the abdomen.He is a friend of the Kittredge's children, who are attending Harvard, but more importantly is the son of actor/director Sidney Poitier.

Today the lie would be quickly exposed by a Google search or a call to their kids' mobiles.She is well partnered by John Benjamin Hickey, as the urbane Flan.But the revelation is rising actor Corey Hawkins' performance as the interloper Paul.With the publication of the paperback edition of his novel 'The Ponzi Man', which features a powerful theme of addiction to gambling, Declan Lynch takes six characters - and the various strands of gambling that they represent - pursuing this way of life which has, at its core, this profound moral ambiguity, as it's only seen as a problem if you lose JP is The Man Who Made A Fortune Backing Horses.And who seems to have somehow kept that fortune and added to it with some sort of currency-trading business and other relatively boring activities which need not concern us here.This is the film that made even the most harshest critics admit that Will Smith had real potential as far as being a serious actor is concerned.This is the story of a young gay hustler named Paul (Smith) who knocks on the door of Ouisa and Flan Kittredge (Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland) and tells them a story of being mugged and also being the son of Sidney Poitier.Tomorrow, Paul is meeting up with his father who is in town directing a movie of "Cats".Beyond the attraction of talking Paul into getting...He had an important enough win in more recent times, making some .4m playing backgammon against the private equity billionaire Alec Gores, a story which came to public attention when he disputed the US authorities' claim that the winnings were subject to about m tax.I think we can safely say, for once, that it was the principle of the thing - and, anyway, he enjoys making contributions to society with his many charitable donations, especially to projects in Limerick.