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This isn’t a matter of simply going back on your word – which is bad enough for your reputation on its own – it lowers the value of the pieces you have already sold.So while the more limited the set the more valuable the images, opt to select a number keeping in mind on how many prints you would like to, or think you will be able to sell.Worse yet, if someone really wants to remove the watermark they still can. I don’t want huge files, but this is not 1995 and I want images large enough to be seen and look amazing on a screen.As a rule large watermarks across image should not be used. In particular some would argue that complete proof galleries for wedding etc need watermarks. Though that said, I usually don’t do it for reasons I just mentioned. My preference is always to have people come to my gallery, viewing my large format hand signed wall portraits in person. If you want to see this in practice, you can see my sites via my homepage.

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However, understanding what art collectors expect when purchasing limited editions is an important part of your job as an artist.

I think many people who don’t brand their images do so because they lack branding experience, or don’t consider their images of high enough value to hang equally next to other art. For example a commercial client may require unbranded images, but they should also expect to pay a premium for that right.

Some on the other hand some take image marking too far, ruining their presentation by going overkill with watermarks. Artists have been branding their work for centuries and so should you.

You just have to know I’ve got some prejudices on this one.

Without a name to hang onto they move on to your competition. While lots of historical artists have gone for initials only, this shorthand is not practical in today’s world where there are far more in the game.