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The report outlines what is needed to step up prevention efforts“The appointment of David Beasley comes at a critical moment,” said UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé.“WFP’s work to achieve food security is at the heart of global efforts to break the cycle of hunger and poverty and essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals which include ending the AIDS epidemic.” On World Tuberculosis Day, 24 March, UNAIDS is urging countries to do much more to reduce the number of tuberculosis (TB) deaths among people living with HIV.“A girl will be a mother at 12, with no registration for mother or child, so no ID, no rights and no healthcare. Already half of all the girls in rural areas are illiterate, and this will increase that number even more.” Edwar is supported by Yanar Mohammed, the president of the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq.“The draft (law) is all about the sexual pleasures and rights of men,” she says.“She said: ‘I am a child, and I do not want to get married.’ A very simple and effective message.” At the same time, child marriages are increasing in Iraq.Edwar knows many girls of around 10 being married in a religious ceremony outside the courts.

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She then dumped him for Dhoni who was the winning team’s captain a few months ago.

When Dhoni realized her past he cleverly evaded her and then poor Yuvraj Singh was the target of Deepika.

She dated him seriously for about a month and when she felt that he was little dominating and is not going to entertain her foxing; she immediately shifted to Ranbir Kapoor again.

Finally in February 1969, a Government order was issued to convert Scientific Section of Criminal Investigation Department into a Forensic Science Laboratory. It was also decided to establish a full-fledged Forensic Science Laboratory at Varanasi . The "nucleus" of each division in both the laboratories were established.

In the year 1967 A detailed proposal superceding all the previous proposals to set-up a Forensic Science Laboratory in the State was submitted. Police Commission 1970-71 recommended to merge the Chemical Examiner's Laboratory at Agra with the Forensic Science Laboratory at Lucknow and to establish three full-fledged Forensic Science Laboratories at Agra , Lucknow , and Varanasi . order was issued in the year 1979 for the merger of the Chemical Examiner's Laboratory, Agra and the Forensic Science Laboratory, Lucknow and to develop these two laboratories as full-fledged Forensic Science Laboratories, having all the modern equipments necessary for different divisions. Meanwhile the basic equipments and some of the modern analytical instruments needed for different divisions of the laboratories were procured.