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Of course, month-to-month changes that are not due to seasonality could be determined by many other factors, but the 12-month average smooths over them to a great extent.)The average ratios are then rescaled so that they sum to exactly 100% times the number of periods in a season, or 400% in this case, which is done in cells H3-H6.

Below in column F, VLOOKUP formulas are used to insert the appropriate seasonal index value in each row of the data table, according to the quarter of the year it represents.

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It is straightforward to perform seasonal adjustment and fit exponential smoothing models using Excel.

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Likewise, toy manufacturers have sales increases before Christmas.This can be done by taking the average of two one-year-wide averages that are offset by one period relative to each other.(A combination of two offset averages rather than a single average is needed for centering purposes when the number of seasons is even.) The next step is to compute the ratio to moving average--i.e., the original data divided by the moving average in each period--which is performed here in column E.(This is also called the "trend-cycle" component of the pattern, insofar as trend and business-cycle effects might be considered to be all that remains after averaging over a whole year's worth of data.These seasonal events affect different industries and businesses differently.For example, January is a good month for health club memberships as well as self-help books and programs.Season can be understood in this context to include a) seasons of the year and their weather-related changes, b) holidays, and c) events like the summer school holiday, the fall return to school, or the Super Bowl.Although most businesses experience some seasonal business fluctuations, others experience severe seasonal fluctuations and may even limit their operations to particular seasons.The screen images and charts below are taken from a spreadsheet which has been set up to illustrate multiplicative seasonal adjustment and linear exponential smoothing on the following quarterly sales data from Outboard Marine: The version of linear exponential smoothing that will be used here for purposes of demonstration is Brown’s version, merely because it can be implemented with a single column of formulas and there is only one smoothing constant to optimize.The forecasting process proceeds as follows: (i) first the data are seasonally adjusted; (ii) then forecasts are generated for the seasonally adjusted data via linear exponential smoothing; and (iii) finally the seasonally adjusted forecasts are "reseasonalized" to obtain forecasts for the original series.vegetable production in 63879 hectare land area in the year 2009-10 which increased to 12, 68,897 MT production in 65,075 hectare land area in the year 2010-11 and further increased to 1356600 MT production in 67968 hectare area in the year 2011-12.RETAIL SEASONAL / HOLIDAY EMPLOYMENT Retail employee with experience fulfilling multifaceted roles (e.g., cashiering, customer service desk, floor sales and stocking/receiving) during summers and holidays off from college.