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Kelly initially declined, but was persuaded by her friend to reconsider hours before the event started. As the night progressed, the setup quickly unraveled (much like the famous double-date scene from Rob Reiner’s ‘When Harry Met Sally’) and the ladies decided to switch dates. They ended the night with a kiss in front of the Stadium-Armory Metro station and made plans for a date at Founding Farmers.Kelly and Andrew wound up spending the evening together, exploring the D. To their delight, romantic sparks continued to fly over dinner and from that point on, things progressed swiftly.Andrew’s roommate, Alex, had extra tickets to the gala and decided it would be an opportunity to set up Andrew with his co-worker, Leslie. “Whatever happens, it will be a good time.” Leslie was right.

But their relationship came to a halt in September 2012, when the topic of moving in together was broached.

In The Sims 3, your Sim can pursue Romantic Interests and have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

They can deepen and strengthen those relationships until the Sims are in love.

During the Victorian Era (1837-1901), romantic love became viewed as the primary requirement for marriage and courting became even more formal - almost an art form among the upper classes.

An interested gentleman could not simply walk up to a young lady and begin a conversation.