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As the pair of chicks flutters around the dizzy Rainbow's head, Fluttershy begins to think Rainbow will not last another four months.

Rainbow Dash bounces her way toward the Golden Oak Library, excited that the release of the next Daring Do book is now three months and twenty-six days away.

Shorter than violet you would see the ultraviolet, that which gives us tans and sunburns, and then you would encounter much more dangerous X-ray radiation and finally deadly gamma rays.

Except for the energy they carry, all portions of the spectrum -- ordinary light, infrared, radio, ultraviolet -- are fundamentally the same.

The visual spectrum of light, however, is but a tiny portion of the whole picture, of a huge spectrum of radiation that extends in both directions from the edges of the rainbow.

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When the release of the next Daring Do book is delayed, Rainbow Dash takes matters into her own hooves, leading her and her friends to make a shocking discovery about the series' author.The film's story centers around a sports competition between the students of Canterlot High School and their rivals at Crystal Prep Academy, one of whom is the alternative world's counterpart of Twilight Sparkle, who has been investigating magical activity around Canterlot High.A fourth Equestria Girls film, subtitled Legend of Everfree, was released on Netflix on October 1, 2016.Tasked with finding the cause of this development, Sunset attempts to contact Twilight Sparkle in Equestria for advice, but receives no response.Meanwhile, Crystal Prep is attended by the counterpart of Twilight, who investigates the magical activity surrounding Canterlot High.Shortened instrumental versions of the theme song play on the menus of the show's DVDs, and modified versions of the theme song play in some of the brand's toy commercials.The song is also included in the My Little Pony Live Show.The students of Canterlot High School prepare for the Friendship Games, an academic and sporting competition regularly held between their school's team, the Wondercolts, and the undefeated Shadowbolts from Crystal Prep Academy.Sunset Shimmer, who has been observing her friends' magical ability to "pony up" (grow pony-like ears, tails, and wings) whenever they play musical instruments, becomes concerned when Rainbow Dash transforms during a pep rally, seemingly at random."Spectra" is embedded with links that will take you back to the appropriate parts of the above two sites. The classic colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet connect in a seemingly infinite number of shades, one blending smoothly into the next.Together they constitute the "visual spectrum" (or "optical spectrum") because it is the part of the full spectrum that is seen with the human eye.