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Her links lead to links, that lead to people and eventually stories about a world with roots as thick as the deepest trees.Taping those roots to hear the Polish community and know what it wants to say is one of the strategies Pantelis decided on after becoming the newspaper’s general manager in 2013.Including over 500 rare items from the band’s private archive, Exhibitionism spans their influence on fashion, film, recording, and art design.From their most cherished instruments, onstage and offstage clothes, valuable works of art and handwritten lyric books to personal diaries, recordings, unseen film and photos, a screening cinema and interactive recording studio, Exhibitionism culminates in an exciting and powerful backstage-to-onstage 3D concert experience.

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And so, the newspaper offered stories and series that became a mirror for Chicago’s Poles, a community, whose ranks have been inflated beyond reality because so many generations have continued to identify. In 2000, Illinois had nearly 1 million people with Polish heritage, according to a report on the U. Changing the content of the newspaper she leads was one major step for Pantelis.

Cutting expenses and trimming employees was another.

Will and Viola’s passionate, forbidden love affair goes on to inspire Shakespeare’s masterpiece—the most romantic tragedy ever written. Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones first ever major exhibit, delivered by DHL, allows you to experience the incredible journey of the most influential rock ‘n’ roll band in the world from their early days living together in a tiny flat to headlining the biggest stages in the world.

With the full participation of Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie, this highly immersive and interactive exhibition is the largest of its kind at nearly 18,000 square feet.