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They have TTL, manual, slave modes, sync ports and an external power input.At around US0 each, they give you a decent bang for your buck.Thanks to the efforts of the Royal Mail, my Nikon SB-600 has been lost forever, and so as a stop-gap measure I tested the Kings out with some third-party i-TTL flashguns.

Phottix produces a dedicated wireless trigger named . It exists in three different versions, compatible with the dedicated TTL flash systems of Canon, Nikon and Sony.Also, if you want to have off-camera flash inside cars or behind furniture, radio is your best option.Most such wireless triggers just trigger the flash or camera by means of a radio signal.Edit: I changed up the reference to a particular flash since people were getting hung up on the example.Be aware that that's not really the classic Polaroid brand — that company is out of business forever, and opportunistic brand-vultures bought the trademarks and use them to label Chinese imports of various quality.Let's say I get myself a light stand, umbrella, reflectors, etc.The part I'm confused on is what hot shoe adapters and cabling I would need to get the flash off camera onto the light stand, and have it fire.This article discusses TTL radio triggers for flash and digital cameras.To be more precise, it is a survey of radio triggers that can be used to wirelessly control several groups of remote flashes while retaining TTL control over exposure.We will be reviewing the King Pro as soon as we can get our hands on it.Visit the manufacturer’s web site for more information.