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The biggest concentration of gay venues south of Bangkok is here in Phuket, Patong and the Paradise Complex area.Paradise Complex in Patong offers a very exciting and interesting gay scene.Another variation is where you get approached by strangers near the temple.They can simply say that the temple is closed (e.g.Hannah Gavios, 23, from Bayside in New York, got lost on pitch-black Railay Beach in the resort of Krabi and went into a local tourist shop asking for help back to her hotel at a nearby bay on Thursday.According to her Facebook page she began working at Globe Education Link as an English teacher on August 7 but had been in the region for a few months before visiting countries popular with backpackers such as Laos.Many tourists will happily admit that they visit Thailand not only to enjoy the stunning beaches, tropical sun and attractive scenery, but to spend a few nights with a beautiful, exotic and attentive Asian woman.Undeniably, some people find its pervasiveness distasteful or unacceptable, but it’s a unique part of Thai and Asian culture and can easily be avoided or simply ignored.

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This hotel is known for its luxurious pool villas at the price of a standard room of any 5 star resorts.

2017 May BIG NEWSThe beach chairs and umbrellas are back on Phuket beaches again after a 2 year crackdown on illegal beach businesses.

Welcome back to enjoy the beach from a proper lounger with an umbrella As a gay male tourist in Thailand you will be surprised to meet so many men smiling and flirting with you.

One important observation is that the sex industry in Thailand is in stark contrast to those that exist in most European countries, such as the famous red light district in Amsterdam.

In Thailand, it’s rather more low key and relaxed (except in places such as Pattaya where it’s particularly overt!