Nestors cup dating from

The volcanic island has given rise to the myth of Typhon, the giant rebel erupting flames and Zeus banished there.The history of Ischia has origins dating back to 770 BC.The Greeks settled on Ischia because everyone knows they just love islands, and this one had a nice, nostalgic Olympus-looking mountain on it (which turned out to be a volcano! Mainly, however, they wanted an island as a convenient place to trade with the Etruscans, the mainland power in the Italy of 700 b.c.(the presumptive date of the settling of Pithecusa) without encroaching on the mainland, itself. Many centuries earlier, Mycenaean Greeks had visited the same bay.The jug is attributed to the Late Geometrical Period (750-700 BCE), and it has been dated to ca. It is now in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.What got me excited was that this sounded like the first use of packaging not just to protect, but also to enhance the entertainment value and usage occasion of the contents.

It includes Greek and Roman artifacts, objects unearthed during excavations carried out on the island by the great archeologist Bucchner, a German scholar who chose to live and work in Ischia.The jewel of the collection is "Nestor's cup" (top photo).That expression can be (1) a reference to Homer's ; or (3) the cup on display at the museum on Ischia.Toronto, January 24, 2017 – Tennis Canada announced Tuesday that Milos Raonic, Vasek Pospisil, Daniel Nestor, and Denis Shapovalov have been selected by team captain Martin Laurendeau to play against Great Britain in their upcoming Davis Cup by BNP Paribas World Group first-round tie, set for February 3-5 at TD Place in Ottawa.“This is an important tie for us, and we are bringing an experienced squad to Ottawa,” said Laurendeau. The 2015 Davis Cup champions, the Brits are ranked No.And as you will read this is a wonderful combination of linguistic history, wine lore, and graphic design.What got Cahill excited about the jug is the fact that what written language had previously existed, had been used most often for rather mundane purposes, as he says in the book, “Almost as interesting as the invention itself are the uses to which the Greeks swiftly put their writing.“Great Britain is a deep and talented team and will no doubt be a challenge, but we definitely feel we belong at this top level of Davis Cup and can advance further. 2 in Davis Cup and will be led by team captain Leon Smith.We are preparing for a tough weekend of tennis and will do everything we can to post a victory. This will be Raonic’s 12th Davis Cup tie for Canada, where he boasts a 16-6 record including 10-1 in singles on home soil. 3, Raonic is currently in the quarter-finals at the Australian Open, where he will face Rafael Nadal on Wednesday.(See "Uncovering the Bronze Age on Procida".) and they had set out from Greece—Euboea, the second largest of the Greek islands—where things must have been dull, indeed, to sail to that volcanic island in Italy where Zeus had sent all the ape-men.The Archaeological Museum of Pithecusa, open since 1999, is housed in the 18th-century Villa Arbusto in Lacco Ameno on Ischia.