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When he got a little older, he didn’t like going to kindergarten and often played “hide and seek” with his teacher.He only liked going to places to have fun with his father.

He expresses that it felt extremely awkward, “We never had any contact since I was little and then we suddenly started living together. I was very isolated and I wasn’t doing well in my school grades.” He even ran away from home and wandered on the streets.

Talk about a total bombshell announcement from out of nowhere, this is the stealth to end all dating news stealth.

This weekend Taiwanese actor Mike He announced that he was married and the father to a 4 month old baby girl!

The following year, she starred in Tokyo Juliet alongside Wu Chun and received praise for her performance.

She also starred in the Chinese television series The Little Fairy as the Seventh Fairy Maiden. The Little Fairy garnered high ratings, and marked her successful foray into the Chinese market.