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Misuse One: Conscience Legitimizes Actions Contravening Divine Commandments.Misuse Two: Under Certain Conditions Divine Prohibitions Admit of Exceptions.

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Contact the Attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) travellers around the world can be very different from those in the UK.

However, you’re unlikely to have any problems if you prepare well and research your destination before you go.

Our staff overseas monitor and record incidents brought to their attention by British nationals about the treatment they have received from host authorities and issues of concern are regularly raised with the relevant body, ILGA publishes also a map of sexual orientation laws in the world.

STOP AIDS is a nonprofit agency dedicated to decreasing the impact of HIV/AIDS in the greater Cincinnati area by educating the community about the disease, how to prevent it, and their own infection status.

Trans Ohio serves the Ohio transgender and ally communities by providing services, education, support and advocacy which promotes and improves the health, safety and life experience of the Ohio transgender individual and community.