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She said: “I guested this kid – I don’t know what he’s saying because I don’t speak Arabic, [but] everyone thought he was really funny, and everyone liked him, and I guess this video went viral.“He didn’t speak much English, so I was trying to get him to understand what I was saying most of the time; it wasn’t that good communication.“He was dancing and being funny, we would both dance on there because we can’t communicate with words.

It was pretty funny.”Ms Crockett, who has a boyfriend, described the situation as "totally crazy and unfair" but that she did not feel responsible as she had "no control over it".

It's The Championship Finals, scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. Immediately after the finals, the player below will contain a full on-demand archive of the entire round.Apple makes it hard to not use i Cloud, at least for a few things.Since their cloud storage is baked so deeply into i OS, using i Tunes on the desktop to manually move files and backup your device can sometimes feel like an awkward step backwards.The language barrier between the pair was apparent but interaction between them was a hit with viewers.Ms Crockett, 21, invited Abu Sin to one of her split screen chats during one of her broadcasts – known as "guesting".This quadcopter offers a first-person view of the action in immersive 3D, so you can frame your shots as if you were flying.The blue-eyed beauty tries to keep up with the young, naughty and non-English speaking Saudi guy who keeps repeating his love interest in the girl with every other sentence he speaks. In the first video, the boy meets her internet crush, blue-eyed beautiful girl namely Christiana and proposes her in his proper Saudi style and in an English-Arabic-like language, which probably may not be understood outside Saudi Arabia.It's simple, free, from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop all your need to do is download fring.You can also use fring OUT to make low cost calls to friends that have not installed fring (yet) Families want to stay in touch, when you travel, commute, work abroad or just going to visit some friends, fring is the ideal communication application for you and your familiy.Take your finger off the screen, and your side of the video conversation is done.In true Snapchat ephemeral form, once users leave the conversation, all text and video footage disappears, leaving no log behind.