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i ISO (intelligent ISO) flash shoe (aka "reversed" hotshoe) is the unofficial name for the proprietary accessory flash attachment and control interface used on Minolta cameras since the i-series introduced in 1988, and subsequently Konica Minolta and later Sony α DSLRs and NEX-7 up to 2012. In order to speed up and enhance attachment, detachment and latching, it departs from the conventional circa-1913 mechanical design that is now standardized as ISO 506 By 1940's, with the addition of the central contact, the design became commonly used for attaching and triggering accessory flashes and known as the "hot-shoe".

At first sight it resembles a standard ISO 518 hotshoe with just the middle contact and chassis and without any vendor-specific extra contacts, but additional contacts are hidden under the front of the hotshoe.    In addition, in informal terms, it can mean "in search of" - as in "SWF iso christian friends" - Single White Female in search of christian friends. When someone says online that they are "ISO" something (a relationship, friendship, dating) then it means they are "in search of".The new hotshoe is mechanically incompatible with the i ISO hotshoe, but electrically backwards compatible.The first cameras to use the new hotshoe are the SLT-A99, NEX-6, NEX-VG900, NEX-VG30 and DSC-RX1.In 1988, Minolta introduced the i ISO flash shoe in its new i series of cameras.Reportedly conceived with the input from Herbert Keppler in 1987, the new Minolta patented design featured a push-button latching mechanism, for the purpose of easier and faster flash attachment and removal and a more secure hold.For instance: ISO LTR w/SWF or DWF, no D/D means: In search of long-term relationship with a single white female or divorced white female, no drinking or drugs.8.5.1 Control of production and service provision The organization shall implement production and service provision under controlled conditions.It helps cut out the uncertainty and confusion when communicating internationally.The full standard covers ways to write: You can buy the full standard from the ISO Store, or from the ISO member in your country.