In 1986 congress passed legislation mandating

And I answered, 'Just Say No.' Soon after that those children in Oakland formed a Just Say No Club and now there are over 10,000 such clubs all over the country.

As a result of these flawed drug policies initiated by then President Reagan, (and continued by Bush I, Clinton and Bush II) the number of those imprisoned in America has quadrupled to over 2 million.

Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York; top right: Dwight D.

Eisenhower Library, Abilene, Kansas; bottom left: Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, Austin, Texas; bottom right: George W. As the National Archives prepares to add its 14th presidential library, we can point with pride to 13 libraries that preserve and make available the Presidents' work and the history of their times.

Helms had threatened a filibuster, tried to open King's sealed FBI files and estimated that the cost of a new national holiday would be billion in lost productivity.However, the fourth presidential library was not for Eisenhower's successor, John F. Hoover opened his library in 1962 at his birthplace in West Branch, Iowa.In Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, the debate over the location of the Kennedy Library went on for years.The measure passed today would make such regulations illegal, with a few exceptions.Legal During Adjustment Period A mandatory retirement policy would still be legal, during a seven-year adjustment period, for law-enforcement personnel, firefighters and tenured members of university faculties.Nancy, for your tireless efforts on behalf of all of us, and the love you've shown the children in your Just Say No program, I thank you and personally dedicate this bill to you. The law's first conquest was David Ronald Chandler, known as "Ronnie." Ronnie grew marijuana in a small town in rural, northeast Alabama. Ronnie was sentenced to death for supposedly hiring someone to kill his brother-in-law. Clinton commuted Chandler's death sentence to life.And with great pleasure, I will now sign the Anti-Drug... While we agree Nancy Reagan is to be lauded for her caretaking of her husband the past ten years, we must also point out that she is responsible for the "Just Say No" campaign against drugs, which ultimately deteriorated into a punchline. Not long ago in Oakland, Calif., I was asked by a group of children what to do if they were offered drugs.Though the Reagan campaign didn't hope to win among black voters in 1984, making a grand gesture out of Martin Luther King Jr. Sure enough, that fall, King was granted an honor that had, until that time, belonged only to George Washington.Congress passed a bill designating his birthday as a national holiday, to be celebrated on the third Monday in January, starting in 1986.Current estimates show that there are 1.1 million Americans over 70 working today.In recent years, organizations representing older Americans have campaigned for an end to mandatory retirement.

In 1986 congress passed legislation mandating