Improve dating skills

There is nothing more intimidating and fear inducing.

If a guy only starts to imagine the awkward situation that awaits him, if the girl happens to says no, then you can see him getting nervous where he stands. Every step he takes toward the girl he wants to talk is like a pump that blows negative air into a balloon.

There is no disputing that men in general cannot stand rejection.

The simple idea of a lady counterpart blowing a man off can cause major damage on various levels.

Canadian singles often count on getting into a relationship with the first person that walks through the door – or in recent years, with someone they speak to within days of joining an online dating site.

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A: Yes, how you date will certainly have an effect on the kind (or quality) of relationship you’ll end up in.

Avoid scheduling dates many times a week just to brag about it to other people that you're able to do those things.

Bragging is only for the immature ones that crave too much attention and self-worth.

The concept is simple: You’re more likely to find a quality match if you’re willing to date more often.

Many unsuccessful daters have an ‘all or nothing’ view of love.