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But it’s unclear whether any networks have done so yet, and they are often slow to push out both incremental Android updates as well as security fixes.

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reports, because the smart dildo creates a Wi-Fi access point with the easily guessed default password of "88888888".

Anyone picking up the signal can simply tune into the video stream, Pen Test founder Ken Munro explained, but with a little extra work researchers were able to access the device's web server, root the device and set it up for a remote connection.

There are usually protections in place that stop hackers from performing what is called a “man in the middle attack”, by encrypting communication with the server, as well as ones to stop any malicious code from getting too deep into the phone.

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Rachel* found out she was a victim of revenge porn after she started receiving creepy come-on messages on her Facebook.

Granted, if you've purchased a vibrator that has a camera and connects to the internet, that probably means you want to watch.

The problem is it's pretty easy for anyone who's within Wi-Fi range and can guess your password to access your video stream.