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" (December 31) featuring prominent men and women was very interesting and well-written, it had people like Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Siddhartha Shankar Ray and Milkha Singh missing.

It was all in a day’s work for Ballard, who teams with a nonprofit called Operation Underground Railroad, made up of former members of the US military who use their know-how to battle child-trafficking and sex slavery in countries where the practices are common.They started looking for a gas station when they saw a sign that read "Free Sex with Fill up."They decided to pull in and told the attendant to, "fill 'er up."After he was done the attendant went to the window and said that it would be .00 for the gas.They paid and as the attendant started to walk away the driver yelled "What about my free sex? The attendant rolled his eyes and went to the window and said, "OK, but you will have to guess a number between 1 and 10'.Well, I am the state." No autocracy please, we are democratic. This film not only gave a new dimension, it evoked much needed interest in the public towards art movies by registering an unprecedented success for an art movie to do so at the box-office.Satna Jaideep Mittra Missed Out Though the article "Where are they now?“We suspect the tigers took off the collars from the tigresses,” Mukherjee adds.Wildlife experts say the collars may have interfered with the big cats’ lovemaking.“We are not a rogue agency, we are not vigilantes,” said Matt Osborn, a CIA and State Department veteran, who helps Ballard direct the group’s operations.They target locales notorious for sex trafficking and then set up complex sting operations to nab the pimps and free the young women and girls.Two of the three Royal Bengal tigresses of the Sunderbans that were fitted with Rs 4.5 lakh radio collars have had them removed by their lovers. These collars, weighing a kg and consisting of a high power transmitter with a powerful battery, were fitted onto tigresses that had strayed into villages and were captured. For the first couple of days, the department officials received the signals, and then it went static.“When we retrieved the collars, we saw pug marks of not only the female, but also a male tiger in both cases,” says Sunderbans Tiger Project Field Director Subrata Mukherjee.