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It has helped push the chain’s sales for 2016 up 5 per cent on the year before, reaching £776.2million.This template is designed to be sent to customers to let them know that a company is closing.It is particularly important to send this type of letter if customers need to pick up items from your location or take some other kind of action before the business ceases operation.The trend for healthy eating that has seen rising numbers of so-called ‘flexitarians’ ditch meat on and off has driven a sales boom at Pret a Manger.The British sandwich chain has achieved remarkable success following the launch of its ranges of vegan and vegetarian dishes.More than half of those who frequent its specialist Veggie Pret outlets are people who normally eat meat but are trying to cut down, according to research.And customers’ new-found love for all things healthy has seen coconut become the chain’s most popular ingredient since it was introduced last year.If someone asked where to have a drink in Tianzifang, I'd say Bell Bar for sure.Standing strong for eight years, it's the most consistently good option in that tourist hive, with a solid happy hour, thin crust pizzas, and some of the best jiaozi in Shanghai.Bourdain’s extensive travels were cited as the reason for the split. He Fell in Love with Food in France While vacationing in France as a child, Bourdain ate his first oyster on a fisherman’s boat.He claims in , sitting with two other guests to the side of Batali.