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It uses the following ABNF grammar: dna-string = typeid *( ":" typeid ";" quantity ) "::" typeid = non-zero-digit *( digit ) quantity = 1*( digit ) non-zero-digit = "1" / "2" / "3" / "4" / "5" / "6" / "7" / "8" / "9" digit = "0" / non-zero-digit The first type ID must be a ship type ID, and will be used as such.The following type IDs are modules, charges or drones IDs with a mandatory quantity.The goal here is to create a character that can take on a wide swath of combat roles with a minimal expenditure of SP and training time, while still offering decent enough stats to make a difference.In the original plan, a Minmatar character was chosen as the sample character because back then, it was the only sensible choice for small-ship combat.The ship browser will let you see quickly how long it will take you to be able to fly the ships you currently don't have the skills for.

In turn, this expansion also led to competition and fighting over available resources as it did on Earth, but everything changed with the discovery of a natural wormhole leading to an unexplored galaxy named "New Eden".

The game contains a total of 7,800 star systems that can be visited by players.

The game is renowned for its scale and complexity with regards to player interactions — in its single-shard game world, players engage in unscripted economic competition, warfare, and political schemes with other players.

Cut off from the rest of humanity and supplies from Earth, the colonies of New Eden were left starved and disconnected from one another; some died out entirely.

Over the millennia the descendants of the colonists managed to survive and rebuild their own societies, but the memories and knowledge of humanity's origins as well as their own from Earth and the Milky Way became lost.