Evan lysacek nastia liukin still dating

A few weeks ago I was listening to NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and he was the celebrity guest in the "Not My Job" segment.

Someone asked Werner Klemperer and he said "Bob was the most heterosexual man I ever met" which was probably true since he tried to screw just about any woman he met. I just assumed he was gay for years and years, until last year I read he had a wife. Not a household name in his own right, but I thought for years that Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament ( was gay.

No grown woman should walk into work (let alone national TV) looking [lie] a rejected extra from a Britney Spears video. And why in all the articles covering this faux story, is there not one picture of the outfit in question?

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E-mail us at [email protected]; bookmark us at Reliable Source; and follow us at twitter.com/reliablesource. _______________________ Richmond, Va.: Did I miss something?She just has that stereotypical lesbian appearance and demeanor. I have to say I was surprised to learn today that Evan Lysacek, who just won the gold medal in Men's Figure Skating, is dating gymnast Nastia Liukin. I was shocked to hear the words "my wife" come out of his mouth, much less the fact that they've been married that long. I think there were some Cheever-esque rumors of his making clumsy drunken passes at guys, but nothing confirmed. He mentioned his wife in an episode recently, which made me do a spit-take. I could have sworn that I'd heard years ago that Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld) was gay.When Johnny Weir announces that he has a girlfriend, you can come knock me over with a feather. I remember there were rumors Bob Crane was gay after he was murdered. Turns out he's been married since the early '80s and has two kids.El vuelco de campana fue protagonizado por la camioneta marca JMC, con placa de control 3154 ICX, conducido por el señor Marco Antonio Galvarro Roca quien fue trasladado al hospital José Eduardo Pérez.La causa probable del accidente sería el exceso de velocidad.In recent columns: If you can't say something nice...well, then, you might be Tony Kornheiser (just suspended from ESPN for dissing Hannah Storm). The importance of being Snooki: Jersey Shore kids seek to trademark their names. C.'s "newsbabes" are all great friends, it turns out.In the other thread here, about celebrities people were surprised to find out were gay, someone mentioned Johnny Galecki. For whatever reason, I always detected gay vibes from him, but he has a girlfriend. That guy sets what little gaydar I do have pinging like there's no tomorrow.Terry Gross, the NPR host, was another person I always assumed was gay. Thought for sure he was gay but the man was married to his first wife for 50 years (until her death) and then, at 75, married a woman 50 years younger than him and fathered 2 children with her before his death 9 years later. So imagine my surprise when late in the interview he mentions his wife of forty-something years. Well I have to add him to the list I had in my original post. Anyone got the "Straight" Dope on ol' Barry Manilow??? ) that he has been married to a woman for many years, and while he played gay bars a lot when his career was just starting out, he was personally full-on hetro, even though he was often identified with gay culture...........A few years ago, the then-Orlando Magic center told Mouthpiece Sports that he never steps on the court for a big game without putting in some quality time in the restroom first.In Howard's defense, the reporter may have caught him off guard with her question, so he was probably scrambling to come up with a good response.