Error validating wap authentication token

An opaque string used to maintain application state between the request and callback.

When Facebook redirects the user back to your redirect_uri, this value will be included unchanged in the response.

The process to make the application available externally is known as publishing.

The proxy then looks at the request and determines whether or not it is authenticated. Saml2Security Token Handler to handle the incoming tokens.

Please have a look at my krb5& keytab file here TBr3r5D I'm using this command to create the keytab file.

This error means that your e Bay authentication token is in valid or cannot validate. Your authentication token has expired, this is generally caused by either change in account details (password, business name, address, etc), the other is a time expire, e Bay do this for security reasons.

Some of the usual culprits are the The second step is blocked by the ADFS proxy because the hostname of my service resolves to the proxy (as it should be).

Nothing in the service should be forcing it as the service foundation (usually) knows better.