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Jerry gets jealous when Keith begins dating Elaine.George schemes for an unemployment extension by lying about his job interview with the fictitious Vandelay Industries and dating his counselor’s daughter.He gives Jerry's phone number as the work's number, and the applicant tells him that as soon as the job application is over, she'll call the number.George runs over to Jerry's house, telling him to always answer with "Vandelay Industries".Eventually Elaine gives Robert an ultimatum, and he ends up choosing the cats.

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This model has a big name but she makes most of her money yachting.Sooo a third party was present as she was attempted to be persuaded into underaged prostitution? Generally they are sociopaths & there are some great examples of this behavior on this very site.I read it as meaning Kiernan looked horrified that this chick was trying to recruit her. I think urging a child into prostitution is somewhat more serious than somebody doing a few lines of coke in a club or in the back of a shady limo. Jerry’s friendship with his baseball idol Keith Hernandez makes him act like the two of them are dating.Kramer and Newman despise Hernandez for having spit on them after a game, though Jerry suspects the involvement of a second spitter.Tweet me and let me know your favorite – @Kramer Apartment Played by: Never appears on screen Appears in The Stock Tip Elaine tells Jerry and George that she is suffering from an allergic reaction to her boyfriend Robert’s cats.So she suggests that one of the ways she can get rid of the cats is to “rub ‘em out” and offers Jerry the job, but he refuses.”Keith mentions to Jerry that he lives on the East Side, and later has the audacity to ask Jerry to help him move, even though he has a ton of complicated furniture, and lives in a three-storey brownstone with no elevator.George and Jerry argue over their favorite explorers, which George claims is de Soto, who found the river.Jerry is still panicking about Keith, and Kramer and Newman hear the name "Keith Hernandez". Newman stated that Hernandez made an error which opened the door to a five run Phillies ninth (In real life, on June 14, 1987, the Mets beat the Pirates on the road).Women pay 10 each month up to a work camping couple for her father.