Daughter dating black guy

You don't believe in interracial relationships...... I don't believe that there is a difference in races..... How would you feel if your husband ethnics prohibited or was against or didn't believe in a relationship with your race? It’s something that I have been concerned with for a while and since you have daughters I thought I would bring this question to you.Earlier this week a television interview was aired in which Andrea shared the full horror of how a predatory pimp ‘tore apart’ her middle class family when he started dating her daughter, 16-year-old Hannah.She told of her devastation when the truth about boyfriend Kobe Hogue tumbled out with Hannah’s arrest for soliciting two years later in June 2010. Going into the relationship i felt pretty open minded about the issue and tried to be supportive. I do not believe in interacial relationships and do not want my daughter thinking it is okay to do.

I just ignored him and was saying to myself “keep rolling because I am not even checking for you.” My daughter looked at me with a shocked face like “MOM” I told her I was sorry but told her I was not looking for someone who plays loud music, cornrows,saggy jeans and a white tee.

She does not know if Hannah is still in contact with Hogue – who goes by Kobe D**kinmya** Hogue on Facebook.

I have raised my two kids by myself, for most of thier lives. I recently married a man with three grown daughters. She is beginning to show signs, the cloths she wants to wear, the music she listened to, all her girlfriends are black (i don't have a problem with that alone) and she defends her older sisters and the choice they are making in thier lives.

Because it was the day she lost her child a second time to a dark world of violence and prostitution.

Today Andrea, 50, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a vocal campaigner raising awareness of sex trafficking.