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We’re here to help step up your dating game with 20 sweet ideas that might land you that next Netflix-and-chill rendezvous.There’s something for everyone in this guide, from urban explorers to foodies to artsy types and more. Here’s where to take that person you’re looking to impress/agree to keep dating you in 15 different DC neighborhoods. So stop wasting your time at soulless eateries and grubby, mood-killing bars where you’re more likely to see something un-seeable in the restroom than score a second date.

Mockingbird Hill (address and info) Shaw’s ham and sherry bar is quirky enough to provide a memorable date.If the date is going well, be sure to kiss and tell -- it’s tradition to broadcast your romantic conquests on the chalkboard walls of the unisex restrooms.Of all the aspects of dating in New York City, the one thing that shouldn’t be difficult is finding a place to actually go on a date.Clearly which band you’re seeing matters the most, but the venue definitely factors in as well; you wouldn’t want to take a date to a show at the antiseptic Barclays Center, but you definitely want to take them to the Bowery Ballroom.So you swiped right and dinner-and-a-movie dates just aren’t cutting it anymore.For both the new transplant in the city, and the longtime local who plainly just loves food, Six Taste’s walking tours hit up five or six different spots in one tour, focusing on the most edible and historical highlights of neighborhoods all over LA.Remember how we told you about that sweet new arcade bar Downtown?Well, this amazing underground-ish pinball arcade in Echo Park (located -- in the most hipster way possible -- above the rehearsal studio where every single band that plays Eastside bars practices) is where all of that pinball wizardry started, and is still home to a rotating collection of classic pinball machines from the past several decades, which all offer a good money-to-fun ratio.All the mikomos of this site were contributed by people like you.But before things got sloppy, the evening started with sampling sherry flights and small plates.Maple (address and info) Hidden twinkling light-strung patios should always cause a twinge in all the right places on date night, but there’s more to Maple than a charming outdoor area.