Dating hudson bay point blankets

There are a number of clues to dating the manufacture of various point blankets.If the blanket has a label the task is fairly easy.There are a number of antique four-poster beds extant dating to the 16th century and earlier; many of these early beds are highly ornate and are made from oak.An example of such an early 16th-century four-poster resides in Crathes Castle, which was made for the original castle owners in the Burnett of Leys family.If the blanket does not have a label the task is considerably more difficult and involves developing the skills to determine the style of weave, the differences between hand and machine weaving and analyzing the colours and types of dyes used to make them.

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This tester or panel will often have rails to allow curtains to be pulled around the bed.

Today, Hudson's Bay Blankets are hand-loomed in England from a select blend of the world’s finest wools and distributed in America by Woolrich.

Hudson's Bay Blankets hand-loomed manufacturing process creates a wool blanket offering water resistance, softness and warmth, and bright colors unmatched by wool blankets manufactured with a machine.

Archaeological evidence of human occupation in this coastal marine area is extensive and ancient, dating back some 8000 years. Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen, 1887 Salish Sea, Coast Salish Territory.

Georgia Basin Action Plan Coast Salish territories are demarked in pink in one of the first tribal maps of BC, published in 1887 by the ethnologist Franz Boas (left).