Dating during divorce and kids

Here are some guidelines for dating that I’ve seen couples discuss productively in mediation: Talk about how these ideas might work for your family: Is it ok to introduce the kids after three months of dating?

It may seem surprising how many people separate without ever having a conversation about dating – it’s one of those difficult discussions that strikes at the heart of vulnerability, especially if the separation is not mutually desired or if kids are involved.

If you are not sure, seek legal advice from an experienced Raleigh family law attorney to ensure you do not subject yourself to a potential action by your child(ren)’s parent for contempt of court, breach of contract or other legal actions related to child custody.

It is important to be sure that anyone you welcome into your life, and your child(ren)’s life, is done so after appropriate investigation and consideration as this person can potentially become an issue in any future child custody determination.

It can be easy to get caught up with a new love after many years in a miserable marriage, but don’t let this keep you from being smart about your choices.

Re-read any legal documents that govern issues of child custody to ensure you are not violating any court orders or breaching any agreements.

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If you begin dating someone during this time, and if the judge frowns on this, it can affect your final order.Oklahoma's divorce statutes don't include a specific prohibition about dating.They don't say that if you go out for dinner with someone, your chances for gaining custody are nil -- but they don't say it's OK, either.In some cases, a spouse is even already engaged before the end of the divorce.Dating during a divorce is never a good idea, especially if there are children involved. C., we see many clients who are dealing with a divorce that has become extremely contested and argued simply because one spouse is dating.The potential for negative consequences is not limited to a former spouse’s hurt, embarrassment, or hostility at being publicly humiliated.Dating while separated, before the divorce is over, can put a strain on that parent’s relationship with adult children as well. If you need to know specifically if dating is a problem in your case, then talk to your Memphis, Tennessee, divorce lawyer.Second, dating while separated can have lasting repercussions, affecting the former spouses’ relationship long after the divorce decree is entered.Strained relations between former spouses are particularly problematic when they have young children to co-parent under a permanent parenting plan.One issue that often arises when a divorce is in progress is the topic of dating during divorce.It is with increasing frequency that one or both spouses is starting to date, or even in a new serious relationship, before the divorce is finalized or even officially filed.