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RECORD AND LAYER - Up to twelve beautifully rendered circular loops, with simple yet powerful Edvard Grieg headlines the program of our family-focused season finale which will enlighten music aficionados of all ages.The conductor and orchestra will demonstrate how a composer uses Rhythm, Melody and Harmony to create music featuring several short pieces by Bach, Beethoven and others, even the Conductor himself!While other music creation apps tend to be either powerful but difficult to learn, or easy to use but limited in features, Loopy doesn't compromise.Loopy offers a sleek, expressive, instantly understandable interface that beginners can start using effectively straight away. More advanced users, however, will not be disappointed by Loopy's rich feature set, with extra features many other loopers just don't have.As seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon -- Create music with Loopy by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula. -- “This is the best loop station on the i Phone” -- Dub FX ( -- “I pretty much own every mobile looper out there and Loopy is HANDS DOWN the best.Super simple interface with powerful features.” -- J.- Count-in, count-out and record chaining lets you keep your hands free to play an instrument.- MIDI control, to control Loopy via foot pedal or other controller.- Overdub, to build beautiful, complex soundscapes from many layers.- Support for tracks of any multiple or fraction of a beat, for flexible and expressive looping. The long one is – yes, they can and in fact they do it better than most people.I’m not talking about computers performing music (like a MIDI Player or a Toyota robot playing violin).