Dating and ultimatums

For men, these days of ‘extended adolescence’ and casual cohabitation, not to mention the long process of career building and saving for a mortgage, has pushed the proposal further down the list of priorities. Are you rushing this because you feel insecure – and if so, where does this come from?

Then you’re both left with nothing real holding you together.

Perhaps you're with a man who doesn't want to let you go, but who insists that marriage is just a piece of paper, and therefore he doesn't want to marry you.

Perhaps you're with a man who promises that you'll get married "someday" and you've been waiting for that "someday" over and over for the past seven years. My friend Mimi Tanner has a new approach that will get your relationship to the next level without scaring your guy off. Mimi's "Reverse Ultimatum" is a technique that shows you how you can start moving your relationship toward a commitment.

Or maybe you just want him to commit to being a couple with a future! - Paige Parker, Author of Dating Without Drama An ultimatum is a showdown, and in a showdown, somebody always loses.

A traditional ultimatum always backfires sooner or later, because someone is being forced into something they didn't choose of their own free will.