Dating and physical chemistry

The first kiss was so amazing you were overcome with starry-eyed dreaminess and there were imaginary fireworks going off around you, it’s just a shame you had nothing to talk about over dinner.Or was it the other way around; loads in common but the butterflies and physical attraction just wasn’t there?“Chemistry is like a strong drug that attracts people to each other, even when they don’t seem like they’d be a good match,” she says.So, what are the signs that you and another person have chemistry? A smoldering glance that’s actually conveying heat. When you and another person have chemistry, you can actually feel yourself heat up. Saying that “you feel butterflies” around someone or that a person “gives you butterflies in your stomach” are a good way to tell if you have chemistry.any couples appear outwardly like polar opposites, but their diversity seems to make their relationships work.For example: Stephanie Adams met her husband, Charles, four years ago on Stephanie describes Charles as a modest, quiet, country type from the Midwest; he’s a conservative, introverted, Christian, heterosexual, Anglo-featured white male doctor. “We’re literally the sun and the moon — direct opposites, but our existence blends together peacefully as we complement each other and help to build up our strengths as a family,” says Stephanie.

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We had dynamic "chemistry" — the unexplainable connection that movies and songs are made of.

I've dated a number of women who were pretty and pleasant to be with, but this is different.

I'm so drawn to this woman that I can't even think straight when we're together.

She, on the other hand, is a New Yorker who’s a flamboyant city type; she’s a radical, esoteric, black, bisexual, exotic-featured female author. “Even though we are quite different, our chemistry enabled us to realize right from the start that we were soul mates.

Stephanie prefers hot weather; Charles likes it cold. We feel the same way today as we did on the first day we met — an instant and powerful bond.” .