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This leaves you free to focus on your site(s) branding and online marketing.Your admin panel will show up to date data on your affiliates and provide you with comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your program.We have leveraged over 10 years in the dating space with many outstanding sites scanning across multiple dating niches.Our industry leading affiliate rates provide you with different programs that pays you as much as per lead or 0 per sale. Lasting for 3 months, with earning guaranteed, this program helped thousands of affiliates set up high converting Qpid ...Paxum-New Payment Method You Should Start to Know The way we pay for things is changing fast.

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Dating Factory provides a unique affiliate program to complement your dating websites on our platform and to support you in growing your sites.

The Dating offers the highest payouts in the industry with our pay per lead, pay per trial and pay per sale dating affiliate program.

100% Earning Program Came To A Great Success The Qpid 100% Earning Program has successfully ended on June 30.

Affiliate2day’s offers have some of the highest commissions in the industry: for the registration and 25% of sales amount in pay per sale program, up to 0 per first order and up to in pay per lead program.

It’s free to join and guarantees you success and constant monthly payment!