Dating a levi jacket naw dating

I'm using their photos for the purpose of criticism and review, and to stop others being ripped off. Fakers know that selvage is synonymous with vintage jeans.So often they can't resist the temptation to add extra selvage, just to make it even more authentic than the real thing. On real vintage, or LVC jeans, you often see a selvage line inside the watch pocket.The Storm Rider presented here is basically a lined version of the 1946 101J.

Then I realised that everyone is not cynical, like me, and some believe the claims they read on e Bay.

Fakers often attempt to improve on the real thing, by adding selvage outside the watch pocket. So they add random cinch backs onto their jeans to make them look more authentic.

Likewise, 1950s Levi's are known for having offset or slanted belt loops - often fakers improve on this by adding selvage, something you'd never see on an original's belt loop. Often they're in the wrong place - as on this pair, where they are set below the waistband, as opposed to overlapping it.

Moreover, when someone mentions a Levi's jacket, most people imagine the brand's classic trucker jacket that the company has such a name for producing.

Many people do not realize that the company does make other jacket styles, so when shopping for a Levi's jacket, know what size to look for and check out the variety of different styles available.