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“ Many Euro-Atlantic countries have abandoned Christian values that form the basis of Western civilization and have adopted policies that put a large family on the same level as same-sex partnerships; and faith in God on the same plane as faith in Satan,” Putin to blame for the world’s ills. JEWS have destroyed America with their pestilent manure and are in the process of destroying Europe. After 70 years of Jewish Bolshevik oppression, the Russians are “ Jew-wise.” The tokens of reprisal roll in.

Exclusive: Despite President Trump’s well-known trouble with the truth, his White House now says “trust us” on its Syrian-sarin charges while withholding the proof that it claims to have, reports Robert Parry.

A Herblock cartoon from March 1949 depicts a glum-looking President Harry S. Public” inspecting worm-ridden apples representing Truman’s Fair Deal policies such as civil rights and rent controls.

The alliance of conservative southern Democrats and Republicans in Congress who successfully blocked many of Truman’s initiatives is portrayed by the worm labeled “Coalition.” During the 1940s and 1950s, executive action, rather than legislative initiatives, set the pace for measured movement toward desegregation. Truman “expanded on Roosevelt’s limited and tentative steps toward racial moderation and reconciliation.” Responding to civil rights advocates, Truman established the President’s Committee on Civil Rights.

Ironically, in the heat of their hatred toward Putin, both of these Jews got something right.

Even as I started typing this post, my interest in criminalizing factory farming was primarily driven by the prospect of scoring cheap political points and promoting leftist cognitive dissonance. Simply, by mandating that all food produced or consumed in America adheres to a high standards of humane care and slaughter.

Significantly, the committee’s October 1947 report, To Secure These Rights, provided civil rights proponents in Congress a legislative blueprint for much of the next two decades.

Among its recommendations were the creation of a permanent FEPC, the establishment of a permanent Civil Rights Commission, the creation of a civil rights division in the U. Department of Justice, and the enforcement of federal anti-lynching laws and desegregation in interstate transportation.

Regarding Goldberg’s hit piece, insofar as Moldova is an Orthodox Christian country with a religious affinity with Orthodox Russia, it indeed stands as a natural ally of Putin.

And with Gessen’s screech piece, insofar as the West embraces homosexual depravity evincing a religious incompatibility with Orthodox Russia, it’s policies has indeed mobilized Putin into taking a firm stand against same-sex unions. It’s a face-off between Christ-hating Jews and Orthodox Christian Russia.