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Zeb Atlas plays the slightly older soon-to-be step-brother.He’s looking hot as he’s cooking breakfast in the kitchen with just a towel wrapped around his muscular hips.He rubs on his furry chest and flexes his muscles wishing he had another rancher Dylan and Cole have been together for a couple years and, although they love each other, Cole thinks that Dylan is addicted to porn.Dylan just likes watching porn and doesn't see the problem; Cole still feels like he's just not enough though.Barrymore considered his “a role that comes along once in a lifetime,” and his acid-tongued hamminess steals the show.A district attorney turned prison warden (Brady) must come face-to-face with many of the men he’s sentenced, while his favored inmate (Graham) wrestles with the decision to squeal on a cellblock murderer.From “Scarface” to “Bringing Up Baby” to “Sergeant York” to “The Big Sleep” to “A Song Is Born” to “The Big Sky” to “The Criminal Code” to “Only Angels Have Wings,” Howard Hawks was thoroughly at ease with every breed of movie.

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