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A program to filter content from the internet and restrict access to sites or content based on specific criteria.

The former security guard, from Gladstone Avenue, Loughborough, says he will continue to fight against paying the debt, which Vodafone have reduced to £29,083, claiming it has ruined his life and forced him to begin taking a variety of anti-anxiety medications.

Still, adults do not send nearly the same number of texts per day as teens ages 12-17, who send and receive, on average, 5 times more texts per day than adult texters.

Minorities send more text messages and make more calls on average than their white counterparts.We encourage you to use passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your device, your online account, and your voicemail.You may also establish an optional password to identify yourself during calls with our Customer Service representatives.Making copies of computer data in case something happens to your machine or operating system and the information is lost.Bandwidth refers to how much data can be sent through an internet connection. The higher the bandwidth, the faster users can surf the web or download files.Cheap pre-paid mobile phones can be valuable for this either for voice calls (ideally using a pre-arranged code or pre-arranged "beeping" signals) or by using SMS text messages to arrange face to face meetings and / or whistleblower document disclosure drops or deliveries. A whistleblower or other confidential journalistic sources should watch out for the periodic SMS text messages which are supposed to warn a mobile phone user that their mobile handset has been registered with a web based online Location Based Services tracking service - replying to such a message indicates consent for the tracking to continue Any use of such Location Based Services should be agreed up front by both parties.Such mobile phones are now cheap enough for a journalist or blogger (or Confidential Human Intelligence Source handler) to give them out to their whistleblower contacts and to pay for the top up calling credit from their end, rather than potentially exposing the identity of their source. By default all new phones and SIM cards are blocked from using these "Adult" services so you have to contact the network a high street mobile phone shop, for them to flag that handset as being usable for tracking (or for expensive SMS or internet pornography or sex chatlines etc.) However, just because pre-paid mobile phones are often referred to by the Police and by lazy journalists as "anonymous" , that does not mean that they are.The Communications Data generated by mobile phones is of three types - Location, Friendship tree (or suspect list of co-conspirators) of which number called which other number , when and for how long and your Subscriber Details.We recommend that you use unique, non-obvious passwords, that you periodically change your passwords, and that you not share your passwords with others.Many devices store information in the device’s memory, on the SIM card, and/or on SD memory cards.