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"Treat others the way you want to be Treated." The "Art of Non-Resistance" begins with the daily practice of non-resistance.Focus on what you want; let everything else slide right by you and you will surely find want you are here for.

DO: Be Courteous and Speak ONLY English in main chat room. Wait until you get to know someone before giving out personal information.When you use Omegle, we pick someone else at random and let you talk one-on-one.To help you stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you tell someone who you are (not suggested! Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.The app’s multiplayer HTML5 game rooms include casual games like concentration, carnival duck shooting, match-3, racing, and more, optimized for HTML5 on i Phone and Android devices.Within the Fun Chat app, users can compete for Fun Gold, the app’s virtual currency, which is earned playing games and messing around on the app and can then be redeemed in-app to get goods and prizes like avatars, chat bubbles, and pranks.So Text Chat is smart to get into the game relatively early.So I recently had a chat with a girl from China on Omegle, she is learning English so I thought I’d take advantage of the situation!Stranger: we have English Lesson but I am not good at English=”( You: Ah, I see You: I’m quite good at English. You: Nope Stranger: It is a city of China Stranger: because of flood ,many people died. Stranger: i dont think you are mean.i said that my fault,right~ You: I said something mean about your town, you call me syrup Stranger: dont blame~ You: go ahead! not funny at all You: I’m so sorry, I must have offended you.Perhaps this is because I live in the United States? You: lol exactly Stranger: taday we cant play games,cant watch MTV movie Stranger: Cuz today is a memorial day . You: That doesn’t sound fun Stranger: really make us sad You: Too bad they couldn’t swim Stranger: sorry sorry .. You: It happened in America a long time ago, somebody called somebody syrup, which was slang for something I don’t even want to type here, and then they all killed that man. Go ahead and call me syrup Stranger: no you have not offended me~ You: Whats up with the ~?___________________ Stranger: hello=’) You: Hello Stranger: where r u from You: US, you? You: Wait, don’t leave Stranger: okay~ You: Please, call me syrup You: I feel so bad about it Stranger: syrup? Stranger: USHER~ You: Don’t worry, that was just a line from Gossip Girl You: I was quoting it Stranger: Hahah”I AM CHUCK BASS”~ You: My favorite line, my favorite line is this one: “THOSE ASIANS WERE SO SHORT, DID YOU SEE EM?Stranger: China You: Awesome, areyou learning English or do you know it? Stranger: why You: It’s make me feel better, go ahead- it’s fine Stranger: “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad”ahaha~ You: Its what we do in America You: I say something mean, in return you say it back and we are all happy again! ” That was a great episode You: I like Valentines day You: 😀 Stranger: our teacher didnt teach us Stranger: my english lesson is all about Grammar !