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The biophysical profile (BPP) is another assessment of fetal well-being that's often done when other tests (like the nonstress test) require follow-up.

When all of the measurements are normal, baby is most likely doing fine.

You may also have it if your due date has zoomed by.

Physicians often order the biophysical profile to determine if it's time to induce labor. A BPP monitors the fetal heart rate (similar to a nonstress test) and is accompanied by a special ultrasound similar to a level 2 ultrasound.

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This prenatal ultrasound (also referred to as the NT scan) is a non-invasive procedure performed between the 11 and 14th week, in order to assess your baby’s risk of having chromosomal abnormalities.

Electronic fetal heart monitoring keeps track of the heart rate of your baby along with the strength and length of uterine contractions.

A fetal ultrasound provides information about the size, position, age, and condition of your baby.

This prenatal ultrasound is typically the one that new parents look most forward to.

The baby is measured from head to bottom, around his or her tummy and head.