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At present Jewish influence is the least-discussed of all important issues.

For Jewish influences in the USA, I recommend Kevin Mac Donald's books.

If you ask any Doctor if diet is important in reversing disease, they will all tell you that it is critical.

| Individualism | Jewish Characteristics | Left vs Right, 'Leftism' | Liberalism | Free Speech | Free Trade | Nations, Nationalism, National Characteristics | Patriotism | Populism | Protests | Extremism | Nationalisation, Privatisation | Planned Economy | Conservatism | Religion & Free Thought (& Church of England) | Women and Family Life, Feminism | Sex Perversions | Slavery | 1960s | Pacifism | Two Sides to Every Question | Intellectuals | Jewish™ word abuse | 'Concentration Camps' | 'Minorities' | Multiculturalism | New World Order | Parliaments and Opposition | Race, 'Racism', & Jews EVOLUTION OF JEWS AS PARASITES OF CIVILIZATIONS | IDENTIFICATION OF 'JEWS' ] 'Jews' are a sub-race and mixed-race produced by the written word and by city civilisation.

I broke down the 4 most important categories when it comes to healing your thyroid and boosting metabolism and expanded upon them below.

If you want to get the When you restrict calories your body thinks you're in a state of starvation, and in order to preserve energy it increases the production of Reverse T3 and reduces T4 to T3 conversion.

Without the effects of reading and writing, and the effects of large crowds in diminishing mutual familiarity, 'Jews' could probably never have existed.

It's important for us to identify the influence of 'Jews' (as they call themselves) on the world of ideas—the words, phrases, memes, and concepts which form part of 'conventional wisdom'.