Bon jovi and jennifer nettles dating

I've had my lapses.' When a publisher offered the band millions of dollars for a book on their experiences touring, they turned it down as they wanted to keep the stories private.

Sugarland’s “Stay” is the first of the duo’s chart-topping songs to solely be written by singer Jennifer Nettles.

Although she has never lived the storyline of the song, she knew the subject of betrayal is something everyone could relate to, yet she wanted to tell the story from a different viewpoint.

The song was written four years ago and inspired by Reba Mc Entire’s “Whoever’s in New England,” which was written from the perspective of a wife whose husband is cheating on her.

The episode also featured a song titled “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” which Bon Jovi later released to country radio as a duet featuring Nettles.

The song was the second single from the group’s 2006 album , which scored No.

Bon jovi and jennifer nettles dating